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Вы этой статье мы описали способ применения gap-анализа для контроля за выполнением стратегии. Ключевые идеи:

5Gap Analysis Tools to Identify and Close the Gaps in Your Business

Now we’re getting somewhere. I know there are probably 655+ obstacles in the way, but focus on just ONE.

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Gap analysis provides a foundation for measuring investment of time, money and human resources required to achieve a particular outcome (. to turn the salary payment process from paper-based to paperless with the use of a system). Note that "GAP analysis" has also been used [ by whom? ] as a means of classifying how well a product or solution meets a targeted need or set of requirements. In this case, "GAP" can be used as a ranking of "Good", "Average" or "Poor". (This terminology appears in the PRINCE7 project management publication from the OGC (Office of Government Commerce).)

Gap for Strategic Decision Making Use your gap analysis to identify...

Gap Analysis refers to the comparison between what the performance was (actual) and what the performance should has been (potential). The results of this analysis help identify the errors in resource allocation and what steps need to be taken further to help improve performance through better utilization of the input resources.

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When performing a gap analysis, documentation is crucial. As such, most gap analyses begin with a template in which elements of the gap analysis are displayed in columns. Common elements for gap analysis templates include: the item (or process or team member) being analyzed, the item’s current state, the item’s desired state, existing gaps, action items, task assignee(s), priorities, dependencies, task status, and other considerations.

Gap Analysis: Types, Advantages, and How to perform Gap Analysis

Sounds simple enough, but how do you actually close that gap?

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strategic gap analysis — A method of examining a business strategy and establishing whether or not it will meet a desired objective. If a failure to achieve this objective is predicted, there is a performance gap between the hoped for and expected states. This gap can be … Big dictionary of business and management

While the process starts with an inward look at current versus potential performance, it doesn’t stop there. Gap analysis should also include outside sources like industry benchmarks and your market’s competitive landscape.


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Gap Analysis is the comparison of actual performance with potential or desired performance; that is GAP Analysis - Продолжительность: 13:59 EQSIS 10 216 просмотров.