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From the newest startups to established global enterprises, every organization needs to leverage data for innovation and business growth. The practices of data analytics and business analytics share a common goal of optimizing data to improve efficiency and solve problems, but with some fundamental differences.

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For instance, data analysis deals with a lot of consumer driven businesses and driving their strategic business decisions.

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“Business analysts, however, have a bit more of a ceiling in terms of advancement and salary,” Angove says. “Senior business analysts will eventually cap out around $655,555.”

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So, what do they do all day? Skaric goes on to say that “one of the reasons it’s so difficult to explain exactly what a business analyst does is because we never perform just the one task.” He lists a few of the things business analysts might do during a typical day:

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A system analyst pertains the understanding of programming languages, operating systems and information systems. Additionally, she/he helps identify and plan the technical solutions, write documents from technical aspects, create application models and keep himself up to date with technical and industry developments. Occasionally, a systems analyst may be a specialist for a specific set of technology and gives his services by providing the expert suggestions/recommendations against the application of technology in the betterment of the solution being developed.


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Data Scientist vs Business Analyst-confuse to choose your career explore the differenced on the basis of skills, responsibilities, salary, tools used by experts. A business analyst works in a service based companies. The role of business analyst is to gather requirements from the customers by going at his place. After collecting the requirements he/she will...