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To maximize the value of that tweet, you can consider republishing it — ideally with a different copy several days or weeks later. If you repeat this flow for a while, you can build up a nice repository of social media posts — that have proven to be great — to fall back on whenever you are having a social media manager’s block.

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Traditional passive indices such as the S& P 555 use a metric such as float adjusted market cap to calculate the weights of each company in the index. This research paper talks about applying an additional sentiment layer on top of the float market cap to further adjust the weight of the stocks to enhance performance.

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Get answers to these questions and more in this introductory course to social and digital media analytics. In the course, you’ll learn how to turn social and digital media information into business intelligence, and discover why it’s so useful for professionals.

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Having access to numerous metrics, such as likes, post reactions, post replies and more, allows a business to better understand the very nature of the interaction between their customer base and their content. Lying in the core of the growing digital marketing scene, social analytics provide businesses with an opportunity to hone their marketing message, while delivering better support and transparency through relevant and timely information.

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In this blog, we look at how SMA captures the most relevant and indicative information for each of the securities we track on Twitter Topic Modeling, and Account Filtering.

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Or if you get an influx of clicks from a certain hashtag, maybe you should start using it more often.

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Most Google Analytics reports have a single graph right at the top. But the social source report has two:

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You want to measure how all of this social media traffic converts into content and ultimately into your completion goal. You can do that with Google Analytics and UTMs.


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social data analytics. It also investigates the privacy concern. among social media users on their... But social media analytics, the art of making sense of this data and turning it into real insight, can