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Our web analytics team has become fans of your blog and I m really enjoying the Google video (about halfway through). Any chance of getting the slides themselves? It seems that all of your highlighted points are in red and the text just drops out.

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.and, 8. I share my five favourite books for Marketers & Analysts!

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To use the lingo of the moment, can we all also work to flatten this curve?

It s really exciting to build this kind of modules as it s an intellectual challenge. As we produce our own systems (besides WebAnalytics all other tools that we install at our clients are homemade) we try to keep them as flexible and open as possible as we know that the web is not an island and the data will be (in a near future) pushed towards other systems (eg. DW, BI) or will be needed to be integrated with other tools.

As for myself I am going to switch to using your company s excellent BaZi Q 588 A Analysis , with a service that promises 589 Your Most Crucial Questions Answered! 589 , for $, sign me up!!! : )

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What s your boss archetype? Bubble King, Attacker, Rationalizer, or Curious One?

Hi Avinash Hope you are well!

There is a lot of talk of opening up America for business. I thought I would look at my favorite CV-69 chart and identify global patterns.

I was looking for a podcast link of google tech talks in general. Here in India, the youtube will take much time and will be slow. But audio podcasts are fine, and I enjoy TED talks quite a lot that way. Can you pass on the request within the google for same please

Andy gets all the credit in the world for getting me into blogging, for that I will remain eternally grateful to him.

Six weeks in, you are surely wondering. Is my country out of it? Can someone please paint a picture?


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Avinash Kaushik gets interviewed by Greg Jarboe while signing books at our booth at SESSF this Successful Web Analytics Approaches by Avinash Kaushik.